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Values Leadership

Learn how to use personal values to motivate and inspire yourself and others to make better decisions that are simultaneously good for yourselves and your organizations goals.  Values Based

Leadership Workshops will improve your organizations performance and achieve personal

satisfaction in the workplace. Understanding your own personal values in the context of work is vital in building great teams.  After these workshops, you will gain clarity in your purpose and have a tool to help you make better decisions and be a better manager and communicator.  

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You will learn:  


What specifically is a personal value?


Are there good ones and bad ones?


Which values are more or less important to you at different times?


What do your values mean to you and how do they influence your thinking, emotions and decisions? 


How to do a values analysis of any work situation in 10-30 seconds? 


How to identify when someone is motivated or not, and what to do about it? 

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Corporate Team Building Sessions 



Are you looking for a fun, exciting and engaging experience your team will never forget?

Do you want to develop trust, cohesion and a true sense of teamwork?

Do you want to improve communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence to drive real world results?

Are you looking for cutting edge skills, tools and insights that will make your team more effective, more efficient and more productive?

Whatever your budget and whether you have a team of 5 or 5000 you are certain to find something extraordinary with Ingrid Centurion.

Everything we do together will be activity based and hands on.


Centurion games provide you some of the most fun & exciting team building activities available anywhere, nationwide.

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"Individuals and teams who achieve at the highest levels have one thing in common:  they go to the edge of boundaries and accomplish as much as possible and do it to a standard of excellence. "    

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