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Ingrid Speaks on Leadership, Values, Productivity & Embracing Change.

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LTC US Army(Retired)

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"The things that I loved about Ingrid's team building sessions: great games and warmups, she is a great and inspiring speaker, an extremely informative session.  Ingrid Centurion is very funny and charismatic! It was extremely interesting to listen to her."


Nurgul, Petrpopavlovsk

"The best presentation of the two days Toastmasters Conference". Very bubbly and positive speaker. Her emotions were the best. She made us laugh and gave alot of practical examples, everyday things that happens in our Club and we could all relate to the problems. She provided useful ways to find solutions to problems and what actions to take."  


Gaukhar, Almaty

"Ingrid is an amazingly effective speaker, I've heard her in multiple settings, large and small, and she always delivers.  High energy, laser focused and a powerful personal example of overcoming hardship to achieve extraordinary results.  She understands how to leverage innovative technologies to attain business growth and is the best I have seen at sharing her knowledge with others.  A superb team-builder, Ingrid is instant value-added to any organization.  You can't miss by having her address your team!"  


Carter F. Ham

General, US Army Retired

President & CEO

Association of the United States Army


"Ingrid was an impressive keynote speaker.  She was entertaining, informative and had everyone taking notes.  I would highly recommend Ingrid as a Keynote to Motivate anyone when it comes to professional and personal development.  She is a great example of professionalism for any organization.  A great female hispanic leader with combat experience leading civilians and Soldiers. Impressive. Unique. One of a kind."  


Eric Lopez

EC Council 

"Ingrid brought great energy and enthusiasm to her presentation.  Confidently delivered, her inspiring content featured fascinating insights and delivered valuable take-aways in the areas of technology, change, and behavior.  She knows her subject intimately and offers refreshingly different aspects and tools to engage and captivate the audience. The information that she provided was down-to-earth and delivered in a relatable and personable style.  Ingrid is genuine, easy to work with, and is committed to making her presentation memorable and enjoyable."

Margaret Stockley

CEO, Aspire 2 Wellness Group

Some of Ingrid's Clients  

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Accelerate & Activate a Change Workshops

Whole Brain Thinking Preferences

Values Based Leadership Workshops

Team Building Sessions

  Active Shooter Training  

Half Day & Full Day Sessions




All sessions can be delivered as a keynote presentation, a break-out presentation, or a workshop, customized for your industry. Looking for something else? Contact us to see if we can help and customize your request!

Team Building Sessions - As a manager it can be hard to form a cohesive team, there are different personalities, different communication styles and personal challenges.  Take your team through fun and challenging exercises with Ingrid Centurion.  Ingrid motivates teams to think big, tap into creativity and imagination to solve problems while building camaraderie in the workplace.  Excellent for Corporate Annual Events and Conferences. High energy and the best part of any conference. 


Soaring to the Top - Advancing in any industry takes career planning, making the right moves and asking for what you want.  Making it to the top of your career takes determination and focus. Learn to develop a strategic plan for your personal future and professional career.   


Networking - Do you consider yourself a professional networker? This keynote explains the importance of networking in life and in your community.  Learn and understand the importance of Networking for personal or business reasons.  Having the ability to connect with anyone is a skillset that can be learned.  People normally do business with people they know and like therefore, it is so important for young professionals to learn the skillsets of networking.  Social and communications skills are extremely valuable in life. Learn to network like a professional with Ingrid and develop the confidence to speak to anyone, find common ground and get the most in life, your career and business.        


Make Confidence Your Inner Core - Evidence shows that confident people get promoted more quickly than anyone else.  Build the confidence to step outside your comfort zone and learn what it takes to reach your potential.


Values Based Leadership - Understanding your own personal values in the context of work is important for personal satisfaction and high performance over the long haul.  Learn how understanding your own values can help improve communications and teamwork.  Learn how values can assist you in managing anger and help you understand yourself and others.  Build stronger and more efficient teams with values. 


Speaking Programs 


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If you need a speaker and a leader who can speak in Spanish, contact Ingrid. 

If you need a motivational/inspirational speaker, top female leadership speaker, event speaker, conference speaker, business speaker, or keynote speaker, Ingrid’s should be the first number you call.

Centurion will deliver in English and Spanish!


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